Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Android e-Reader Makes Its Debut, But It's Not From Barnes & Noble.

By Benedict Wee

Tomorrow's the day when book store/publisher Barnes & Noble announces its long (by long I mean 2 weeks) awaited e-reader, poised to compete against Amazon's "popular-but-unavilable-to-kiwis" Kindle. While we wait in anticipation for a confirmation of the rumored Android-run device the people at Spring Design have stolen their thunder by announcing their own Android e-reader a day before.

The Alex has dual-screens; a 6-inch E-ink Electronic Paper Display on top for reading and a 3.5-inch color LCD on the bottom which runs Android for web browsing and viewing video/audio/photos/notes. Other nifty features include a removable SD card slot, speakers, a headphone jack and WiFi & 3G connections.

There isn't any information on which publishers would be supplying digital books to the Alex but Spring Design will make the details available closer to its launch at the end of the year.


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