Friday, October 16, 2009

The Sinking Ship That Is Nokia.

By Benedict Wee

With the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones being readily adopted worldwide it's not surprising when Nokia announced a major loss for the third quarter of this year.

Their smartphone market share has dropped to 35% compared to 41% last year and 50% in the previous years.

One could attribute their insistence on using Symbain for their phones and the refusal to adopt Android as one of the factors the once-popular Finnish mobile maker is experiencing such a major disinterest by consumers.

Motorola -who is in a similar situation- will be releasing two Android phones to the market by the holidays to try and save whatever is left of their company, maybe it's time Nokia bit the bullet and do the same thing.

Nokia Press Release - Q3 2009 Net Sales



  1. I hope Nokia will adopt the Android and come with better one this Christmas. It is much needed.

  2. If it does happen it won't be this year. Wouldn't hold my breath though.