Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Android + TouchWiz = Samsung Behold 2.

By Benedict Wee

While we're being starved with only one (expensive and flawed) Android smartphone in New Zealand, the rest of the world is being overrun with these things.

Behold.. the Behold II, an Android-operated mobile by Samsung running their TouchWiz interface. The phone comes with your standard specs like Bluetooth, a 5MP camera, microSD card slot, 3.2-inch touchscreen and the trinity of connections (3G, WiFi, GPS). There are no pricing details nor launch dates yet but Samsung says it'll be out in the US around the holiday season.

This makes 3 Android smartphones by Samsung, the first two being the Galaxy and Galaxy Lite.
(Edit: It's actually 4. Forgot about the InstinctQ)


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