Thursday, October 15, 2009

Family Guy Creator Sells Out To Microsoft, Does Something I Don't Wanna Watch.

By Benedict Wee

Seth MacFarlane, writer/producer/voice actor/creator of the Family Guy/The Cleveland Show/American Dad shows has teamed up with Microsoft to create a (partially) live-action special due to air on November 8th in the US (8.30pm PST and EST).

The show will be advertisement-free but it will have Microsoft's newest OS -Windows 7- plastered strategically around to remind you who the sponsors of the episode are.

What does an animated comedy have to do with an operating system that should have been the next step after Windows XP instead of the abomination Vista? Beats me.

To have a sneak peak at what the show would like go here and click on the LAUGH (cue irony) panel.

If you're a Family Guy fan like I am you would see that the clip is reused from an earlier episode with a reused joke redone with a reused script to put the words "Windows 7" in.

I do not know which is more painful/scary, watching 20 minutes of this crap or being chased out of your flat by anthropomorphic icons of programs.


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