Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Budget HTC Android Phone Now Available In The UK.

By Benedict Wee

Vodafone UK is now giving away HTC's budget Android mobile -the Tattoo- for free on a 25GBP/NZ$54.20 a month plan which comes with unlimited internet access, 100 minutes and 500 texts.

Unfortunately it isn't available yet on PrePay but give it a couple of months and you'll be able to ask your mates/family in the UK to get one for ya.

And if you're from my era and miss the highly-customizable Nokia Xpress-on phones which allowed you to swap mobile covers, the Tattoo comes with interchangeable battery covers and faceplates. You can choose to buy one of 15 pre-made designs at the HTC website for 11.99Euros (NZ$24.25) or create a personal one for 14.99Euros (NZ$30.30).

Vodafone UK HTC Tattoo link.
HTC: Tattoo My HTC link.


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