Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nintendo Announces Newer, Bigger-Screened DSi.

By Benedict Wee

Whispers of a big screen DSi have been circulating throughout the internet since early last week and today, Nintendo confirmed the rumors at a press conference in Tokyo by announcing the revised version of its handheld; the DSi LL.

Nintendo's newest handheld will have a screen that is 93% larger than the DS lite's and -according to Nintendo- is targeted towards those who use their handhelds for internet browsing and to playback music. I'm guessing this is for everyone else who's sick and tired at looking at tiny screens while gaming too.

The DSi LL is packaged with two styli; a short one that fits into the handheld and a bigger, pen-looking one which I guess is for home use. The handheld will also come with 3 DSiWare titles pre-installed; humanities and sciences brain training games and DS Easy Dictionary.

The DSi LL will be released on November 21st in Japan, retailing at 20,000 Yen/NZ$305 and will come in Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White colors.


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