Monday, November 2, 2009

Creative Joins The e-Reader Movement With A Color Screen.

By Benedict Wee

e-Readers! They seem to be the buzz gadget to have right now, next to the portable tablets, which makes sense since they're practically the same thing.

To add to the growing list of readers hitting the market for the holiday season, Singapore-based tech company; Creative have shown a prototype of their device which integrates a bunch of multimedia elements into one.

The Zii MediaBook sets itself apart from other e-Readers by utilizing multiple gestures for navigation on a color screen. It copies Microsoft's Courier with its ability to search for highlighted words and it comes with media player and video chat functions.

So it is basically a tablet (see what I mean?).

Not much else is known about the device (like does it run Android?) but I guess we'll hear an official announcement from them soon.


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