Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Price Check: Vodafone-made Phones And Modem Sticks.

By Benedict Wee

I've been saying that the telcos in New Zealand have been overcharging for their mobile plans and handsets for a while now -Vodafone being the worst offender of the three- and that finding an alternate method to get that iPhone 3GS or a better substitution to the crippled HTC Magic could easily be done on the internet.

But what about the phones that are made by them? Surely there wouldn't be any major price discrepancies with the other Vodafone branches overseas and that we'll get all the available choices they've got?

Well after quick search online it turns out that even then, we cannot catch a break from the red logo-ed telco.

Vodafone 541 Black

Date Checked: November 10th 2009

Vodafone UK:

Vodafone NZ:
(before 1/2 price Holiday offer)

How about prepaid broadband then? After a comparing with the prices amongst the other stores overseas it looks like we're stuffed too...

Vodafone NZ:
Modem Stick costs NZ$99, comes with 512MB of data.
Prepaid prices are NZ$10 for 100MB or NZ$40 for 512MB per month.

Vodafone Aus:
Modem Stick costs Au$99/NZ$124.20, comes with 1GB of data.
Prepaid prices aren't available online.

Vodafone UK:
Modem Stick costs GBP35/NZ$78.80, comes with 1GB of data.
Prepaid prices are GBP15/NZ$33.75 for 1GB per month.

For something that they're heavily advertising everywhere, Vodafone NZ doesn't seem to mind that their holiday offerings are still far from the prices the rest of their sister branches are charging internationally. Maybe if they'd spend the resources they used to make mobile orchestras on giving us better deals instead we'd be able to actually get something fair for once.

Vodafone NZ link.
Vodafone Aus link.
Vodafone UK link.

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