Monday, May 25, 2009

HTC Magic coming to Vodafone in June, teases HTC Lancaster?

By Benedict Wee

According to Vodafone's offical forum, the HTC Magic (successor to the HTC Dream; the first phone to run Google's Android OS) will be released in New Zealand somewhere in June. This would mark the Android's first appearance on our islands. 

A new HTC phone running Android has also made its official appearance in the US. The HTC Lancaster will be sold by AT&T and its target release date is August 3rd. When asked on the forums if they planned on bringing the phone to our shores Paul Brisen (Vodafone external communications manager) replied:

"Currently, we're only talking about the Magic in public...

but that's just the tip of the iceberg.



So maybe we'll get to see more than one Android phone in the near future. Just in case nobody knows what Android is, it's a open sourced operating system created by Google which means anyone can create programs for it without having to suffer stringent Apple censorship the iphone is subject to. Any phone manufacturer can phones running Android (think different PC brands running Windows) which leaves the possibility of it becoming industry standard in future smartphones. More info can be found here

Vodafone Forums

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