Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nokia Ovi store available from Vodafone Australia

By Benedict Wee

Nokia’s application store (similar to that of Apple’s for the iphone and ipod touch) has gone live on Vodafone Australia and in other countries such as Ireland and Singapore. 

The Ovi store, which allows you to download applications, themes, and games as well as syncing your calendar and contact lists and accessing your files from your PC via your mobile is available for Nokia S40 and S60 models with the N97 being the first phone to have the store pre-installed in is system. The store is said to be able to learn your tastes over time and anticipate what you want as well as offering recommendations based on your geographical location.

The launch has begun pretty slowly though. With its window closing soon (May) Nokia would be pressed to make available their online store to the rest of the world which means that it should hit us pretty soon.

(Update: Ovi is now up. Go to http://www.ovi.com/services/signin to register and sync your Nokia phone) 


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Nokia Ovi Store

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