Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vodafone gives away lifetime worth of mobile services to 20 year old

By Benedict Wee

Paul Henry has announced the lucky Vodafone customer who has received a lifetimes worth of mobile services on TV One morning show Breakfast. 

Lauren, 20, is the 1001th Vodafone mobile user who was randomly picked from a program on live television and has been given a lifetimes worth of credits worth $40,000. 

The other 1000 customers -who have already been picked- should expect calls on their phones today informing them of a $1000 credit to their mobile account. The winners span the range of different Vodafone cellular plans; Prepay, On Account and business. (Update: You can check if you're one of the lucky 1000 on the Vodafone website instead of waiting for the call) 

Congrats Lauren, if I had that much credit my folks would be nagging at me to call them all of the time. It's a power that I have no responsibility for. Big ups to the other 1000 lucky winners too.

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