Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vodafone 3G coverage extended to 97% of NZ, still expensive to use

By Benedict Wee

Vodafone has just announced that their 3G coverage has extended to 97% of New Zealand, one day ahead of Telecom. CTO, Ken Tunnicliffe says that Vodafone is delighted to be able to extend the reach of its 3G network to 97% of the population:

"Our customers always push us to deliver more and Vodafone is delighted to be able to say today you can watch Sky Mobile TV, listen to over two million songs and surf the net from your mobile throughout the country."

Not with these kind of prices we can't. 

(Update: So the whole of the West Coast doesn't fall under the 97% then. That's just great. Way to make us feel forgotten Vodafone. To see if you're covered check out the map here)


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