Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Price Check: DSi

So how much does the DSi cost on our islands? NZD$400. That's how much.

Let's compare this price with the rest of the world:

United States          USD$170     about NZD$274
United Kingdom     GBP 150      about NZD$384.65
Japan                        Yen 18900  about NZD$321.40
Australia                  AUD$300   about NZD$378.27

That's pretty expensive. How about the DSi points? They don't sell 1000 Nintendo point cards here (same with Japan) so I'm just going to double the amount. 2000 points here cost NZD$60.

United States          USD$20     about NZD$32.23
United Kingdom     GBP 20       about NZD$51.28
Japan                        Yen 2000   about NZD$34
Australia                  AUD$35     about NZD$44.13

That is a pretty big investment and it's not including the peripherals (screen protector, cover etc.) which could set you back about $40-$50. If you're really keen on buying a DSi then I would recommend you import the US set. It's system and points are cheaper and you get the chance to play the newly released games without waiting for the EU to translate em. 

(Exchange rates are based on Yahoo! Finance figures and are approximated) 

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