Sunday, May 31, 2009

New PSP model leaked, not PSP2

By Benedict Wee

Leaked pictures and specs of Sony's new PSP were found by gaming website GamersConsoleNetwork when Qore (an online magazine for the PlayStation Network) accidentally released the information early. 

The new portable; PSP Go is not the PSP2 gamers are looking forward to however. Its processor is similar to the current-gen version but it will not have a UMD slot. Instead, the 16GB internal flash memory will allow you to download games from the PlayStation Network store as well as rent movies online. Other features include bluetooth tethering, a slide out control pad,  a 3.8 screen and being 43% lighter than the current PSP.

Unfortunately, features like a second analog stick on the right (for 1st person shooters) and a more powerful processor aren't present but as I've mentioned, it's not the PSP2. Rather what we get is another iteration of the PSP (which makes it the 4th) that many won't care for cause 1) The current PSPs can do the same thing with a memory stick.
2) It is ugly and doesn't look comfortable to hold once it's slid open. 
3) No one would know what the hell to do with their collection UMD games. 

More information on the new PSP Go will be released during the actual E3 conference. 


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