Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Microsoft's E3 Expo highlights

Gaming's biggest event, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has kicked off with Microsoft's press conference announcing new and exclusive games as well as a new game control method and NXE integration of social sites. Here are the highlights (click game titles for more info/trailers):


Lips: Number One Hits (new songs including..) 
  • Mc Hammer - You can't touch this
  • Rihanna - Disturbia
  • Marvin Gaye - Heard it though the grapevine
  • Coldplay - Viva La Vida

  • 45 songs
  • Full albums available as Downloadable Content
  • 'All you need is love' exclusive to the Xbox 360 with money donated to Doctors without Borders.

  • Using a skateboard peripheral to play

Modern Warfare 2
  • 2 map packs will be coming to the Xbox 360 first

  • Releasing in Spring 2010 (US)

  • Xbox Live Arcade racing game featuring avatars from your account
  • Free to download and play
  • Purchase cars, upgrades and more

  • Plays your Crackdown team against an infected city
  • Developed by Ruffian

  • Exclusive to the Xbox 360 & PC
  • Releasing on November 17 (US)

  • Releasing end of the year (US)
  • Xbox 360 and PC exclusive

  • Releasing in Fall 2009 (US)
  • Exclusive to the Xbox 360 & PC

  • Developed by Turn 10
  • Released in October (US)
  • Exclusive to the Xbox 360
  • New 'Cockpit' view where you can see the gauges, driver's hands and be able to look around while driving
  • Car customization
  • Create, edit and upload hi-def video online
  • Cars look very real

  • A spin off from Halo 3
  • Play as other characters in the Halo universe
  • Set weeks before the events of Halo 3
  • Release date September 22 (US)
  • Purchase the game for a key to upcoming multiplayer game Halo: Reach

  • New game by Bungie studios
  • Releasing in Fall 2010 (US)

  • You play a horror writer whose work has come to life and has to find his missing wife
  • Xbox 360 exclusive
  • Releasing in Spring 2010 (US)

  • First Metal Gear Solid game to reach the Xbox 360
  • Main character will be Raiden instead of Solid Snake

Social Software Integration

  • Music listening and discovery service
  • Available for free later this year for Xbox Live Gold subscribers
  • Browse and listen to music while discovering new bands based on your music choices
  • Check out their website here
  • Status updates, photo sharing, email etc.. on your Xbox 360
  • Xbox avatars are integrated with facebook profiles as well as news feeds
  • Save screen shots of your game and upload them online for everyone on your account to see
  • Status updates via Xbox 360
  • Xbox avatar integration with Twitter profile
Check out both programs here

New peripherals 

Project Natal
  • A camera for the Xbox 360 that detects faces, body movement and sounds
  • Motion control without a controller
  • Play games without the need to hold onto anything
  • Watch the trailer to see what I mean

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