Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2 More Android Phones By Motorola And LG

By Benedict Wee

Both Motorola and LG have officially announced their Android phones in the past couple of days which are expected to launch by the holiday season in the US and UK.

Like the HTC Hero, Motorola's CLIQ (once known as Morrison) comes with its own unique user interface -MOTOBLUR- which displays real-time updates from your friend's/family's social networking accounts such as facebook, twitter, myspace and picasa in individual widgets on the home screen.

Following Apple's iPhone and Microsoft's Window Phones, all of your accounts can be streamlined under one MOTOBLUR account which backs-up all your information so should you lose your phone or purchase a new one you won't need to re-input your user names and passwords again. The lost/stolen phone can also be tracked down using its internal GPS via the MOTOBLUR website.

Tech specs of the CLIQ: A 5 Megapixel Camera which allows 24 Frames Per Second video, WiFi and 3G connections, GPS, 3.5mm headphone jack and a slide out QWERTY keyboard makes it the first phone running Android 1.5 to have a physical keyboard.

Not much is known about the similar-looking-but-less-sexier-named GW620 by LG except it too sports a slide out QWERTY keyboard and a 3.5mm headphone jack. However, from the pictures we can gather that the phone will run a stock version of Android sans a specialized interface and since LG is known to be in a cosy relationship with Microsoft developing Windows Phones, they wouldn't be bothered to go out of their way to create a unique UI.

Let's hope we see some of these phones hitting our shores soon. The underpowered Vodafone HTC Magic has gotten real old, real fast.

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