Friday, September 4, 2009

Snow Leopard's Virtual Keyboard May Shed Light On Apple Tablet

By Benedict Wee

If you've recently upgraded your Mac computers to Apple's latest OS X you might not notice but the virtual keyboard that comes with Snow Leopard is big enough to use with your fingers should it run on a touchscreen device (read: tablet computer).

The keyboard can be enlarged to encompass the whole width of the screen and is considerably bigger than the pervious OS X versions where they were really tiny (and frankly very useless).

A point to note also is that the new virtual keyboard is now found under "System Preferences -> Keyboard" settings instead of being hidden away in the "System Preferences -> International" section which might mean that Apple might be highlighting the new and improved keyboard as a frequently used feature.

Ach well, nothing is confirmed till Steve Jobs takes to the stage 5 days later so feel free to speculate as much as you want.


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