Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vodafone UK To Sell Budget Android Mobile HTC Tattoo Soon

By Benedict Wee

A quick browse in the mobile phones section of the Vodafone UK site has uncovered that the overseas telco will be selling the HTC Tattoo in October and we were right about the phone having interchangeable covers.

The Tattoo is HTC's attempt at producing a cheap handheld targeted at those with a smaller budget and introducing non-smartphone users to Android.

The launch date comes at the perfect time as rival provider; T-Mobile UK is expected to release their own low-cost prepaid Android phone -The Pulse- in the same month for only 180GBP/NZ$433. It makes sense that the HTC Tattoo will cost around the same price as the Pulse.

If we're lucky enough we could see the phone on our shores too but do not not expect to have the luxury of a similarly low price tag as the HTC Magic Vodafone NZ currently sells costs NZ$519 (it's free in the UK) with a (much worse) 24 month contract.

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