Friday, September 4, 2009

Video Game Preview - Half-Minute Hero

By Benedict Wee

Platform: Sony PSP

Genre: Action/Puzzle /RPG

For: Anyone who loves fantasy role-playing action games but do not have enough time for them. Also people with ADD.

Set in an old-school 8bit fantasy universe, Half-Minute Hero puts you into your usual role-playing stereotypes tasked with the all too familiar burden of saving the world. Players get to encompass different roles to complete various missions such as a warrior who fights monsters, a dark lord who summons demons, a princess (with an army) that shoots arrows and a knight/mage duo who explore dungeons.

What sets them apart from your cliched action/role-playing fantasy game is that each mission is given a severely limited amount of time to complete. 30 seconds to be exact. The time constraint gives the game a puzzle-like feature which will see you zooming from place to place in desperate attempts to find the quickest way to finish the mission.

Half-Minute Hero will allow people with busy schedules to squeeze in a couple of minutes of game-time into their lives and the 8bit-style graphics gives the game a nostalgic feel, which is appropriate as aforementioned busy people are probably working adults who've played similar looking games when they were younger.

The game gets released in the US on October 30th.

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