Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Microsoft's Tablet Makes Me Want To Jump Into A Time Machine And Go To The Future

By Benedict Wee

It seems we won't be hearing about Apple's Tablet in the near future as they decided to stop being the revolutionary gadget designers they were once well known for and decided to concentrate on only minor upgrades of their current products (i.e. the iPod Touch 3rd Gen). That's alright though as Microsoft has decided to play catch up by releasing news on their version of a portable tablet computer.

The Courier is a device with two 7-inch touchscreens held together by a spine, giving it a book-like design. The screens are multi-touch enabled and are made for writing, flicking and drawing with a stylus. The left screen of the Courier is primarily used for reference and gathering information like surfing the web or checking through schedules while the right screen is used to document, paste and record information (presumably there will be a left-handed version that swaps screens). Transferring information like pictures, contacts, documents between screens is done by seamlessly flicking from one screen to another.

There is a 3MP camera with flash on the back of the Courier and charging might be possible through an inductive pad (meaning you don't have to plug it in).

No much else is known about Microsoft's tablet but more details are said to be arriving soon. Looks like I know what I want for Christmas.


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