Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Leaked Shots of Microsoft's Phones: The Turtle and Pure

By Benedict Wee

In addition to the awesome looking Courier tablet we saw yesterday there's a rumor going round that Microsoft is collaborating with Sharp to develop their own phones code-named project "Pink" to rival the iPhone.

Thankfully unlike Apple, security isn't very tight over at the company Mr Gates built because screenshots of the phones have been leaked and picked up by Gizmodo.

The phones -named "Turtle" and "Pure"- are said to be closely integrated with software the Zune HD currently runs, having music/movie services and an applications store. Besides that there is no other information available about the phones but it's pretty safe to say that it will come with the trinity of connections (WiFi, 3G, GPS).

These Sharp-designed mobiles aren't very esthetically pleasing and I'm hoping they're just concept shots, it's good to know at least that Microsoft isn't just content to sit on its ass while the iPhone continues to be the choice smartphone globally.


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