Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DSi-only Games Out This Year

By Benedict Wee

Software exclusive only to the DSi will be available by the end of the year according Kotaku. To make them recognizable from DS games -which can be played on both DSlite and DSi handhelds- DSi game cases and game cards will be color-coded in white so as to make a distinction from the grey DS game cases and game cards.

Project lead on the Nintendo DSi hardware -Masato Kuwahara- revealed earlier this year at the Game Developer's Conference that DSi-only games were in development but did not reveal when the games would be launched or if any Nintendo first-party titles were in the works. Video game sites the resorted into speculation that like the Wii MotionPlus, Nintendo will be allowing third-party publishers take the lead in offering DSi-exclusive software.

That speculation appears to be right on the money as game developer Alpha Unit has announced today that their DSi-only game: Monster Finder will arrive in Winter (Japan). Not much details have been revealed about the game except that players will be able to use the camera on the DSi to hunt for monsters via augmented reality. It's a similar concept used by the PSP in their yet-to-be-released game Invizimals.

Monster Finder is the second DSi-exclusive game that we currently know of. The first being Ghostwire, another augmented reality game with a survival-horror theme.

It's nice to see proper DSi games hitting our shelves soon as initial features of the handheld consisted of downloadable mini-games which wasn't exactly worth forking out an extra hundred dollars or so on.


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