Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fake Gadget Tuesdays: The Meizu M8

By Benedict Wee

The folks over in China are an innovative bunch when they want to be. After sifting through all the cheap electronic knock-offs, we've seen some decent gadgets popping up from time to time which could potentially give current phone manufacturers a run for their money. The Meizu M8 is one such device.

Obviously inspired by the iPhone, the M8 comes in a sleek 108 mm x 59 mm x 12 mm with a 3.4-inch touchscreen, 3.2 MP camera with video recording capabilities, plays multiple audio and video file extensions and comes WiFi-ready. Unfortunately it only works on 900/1800 MHz frequencies so there's no 3G. A pity considering the in-house programed Operating System -Mymobile- they use is optimized for mobile internet usage and it has an open SDK (read: App Store).

I can't find the exact price of the mobile and where it's being sold as the info I've dug up on my research seem to suggest that there are many places which sell pirated versions of the M8 or they're scam sites. Either way it's not something I'd recommend right now with the influx of budget Android phones hitting the overseas markets soon. Speaking of Android, Meizu has hinted strongly that their next smartphone will run Google's mobile OS so we could expect 3G capabilities to be present then.

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