Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Steve Jobs Is Now The Evil Dictator Of His Own Ad.

By Benedict Wee

25 years ago Apple launched an advertisment that promised to free the mindless zombies from the "evil" corporation that was IBM. It was a low-cost production but it captivated the minds of the public and soon Apple was symbolized as the company that challenged conformity.

Zip to the present and Apple has now become the evil corporation it once fought. Thus, it is befitting that Mr Jobs got a taste of his own medicine courtesy of DoubleTwist:

DoubleTwist is an iTunes-like media management program that syncs music/photos/videos to (almost) any gadget you own such as Personal Media/MP3 Players, mobiles, cameras and camcorders. It also allows you to share files between friends/family using the same program.

The people who've made DobubleTwist have been a thorn at Apple's side for awhile now as their software was first released for Mac OSX, posing a threat to iTunes as they could only sync with iPhones and iPods which meant mac users were once relegated to purchasing Apple-only products.

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