Saturday, September 5, 2009

UK Android Prepay Phone Is Awesome Value (Updated)

By Benedict Wee

If you've been waiting for an affordable Android phone to purchase and you got contacts in the UK then you're in luck. T-Mobile has announced the Pulse, a 3.5-inch touchscreen smartphone running the mobile OS that comes with your usual bells and whistles like a 3.2MP camera, microSD card slot, GPS, WiFi and 3G connections and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

What's really exciting is its price. At 180GBP/NZ$433, the phone is the cheapest Android mobile in the market and it doesn't come with a contract as it is a "Pay-as-you-go" (Prepay) phone. It's almost cheap enough to justify that extra handset purchase.

The T-Mobile Pulse is expected to hit the stores in October.

Update: Here's a video of the phone in action



  1. Hi
    From your web site, it seems that you have a HTC Magic.
    I am thinking off purchasing one.
    What do you think of the phone? And would you recommend it to others.
    Its there anything main things that you like and dislike about the phone.

    Do you know anywhere where i can get the phone cheaply.


  2. Hello Mehul,

    Yup I do have the HTC Magic but it's not the Vodafone branded one as the phone they're selling has lesser RAM and lack additional applications. You can read more about my review here:

    The Magic I have has the same specs as the HTC Hero except without the 3.5mm headphone jack which would be a significant factor in purchasing an Android phone. HTC has promised that all of their future handsets will have a headphone jack so if you're concerned about something like that then I suggest you skip the Magic.

    If you asked me a couple of months ago I might've recommended the HTC Magic but seeing as we're nearing the holiday season expect to see tones (am talking about 10 or more) of Android-running smartphones hitting the market.

    If you're not willing to wait however I suggest you look for a HTC Hero overseas. I've been told of some online sites which are based in Auckland which do sell imported phones but I can't verify their legitimacy as I've not personally purchased from them. If you have mates in the UK you can purchase it from


  3. Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.

    I think you can get the mini USB to 3.5mm headphone adapter for the Magic. Do you think that will work ok?

    Also I have heard that the interface of the HTC Hero is a little sluggish and it runs slower than the Magic. Do you have any information about this?

    The problem is that the price difference between the Magic and the Hero which is about $200 which is quite a lot. So I am tending for the Magic because its cheaper but i dont know if its the right choice.

    Thanks for your advice.

  4. Hey Mehul,

    Yeah I guess an adapter would work. The Magic comes with its own earphones too if you're not too bothered about it.

    The Sense UI is a tad sluggish but it's more of a software problem which means you can expect HTC to polish it up in the near future. If you are adventurous however you could always root the phone and install an Android build which works better. Rooting has become a very simple process and anyone can do it (even me!).

    Am not sure which two phones you are comparing with, you're talking about Vodafone's HTC Magic vs. Amazon's HTC Hero? If so then the HTC Hero still wins in terms of specs which are very important as you'll never know how future updates may affect the phone.

    If you're comparing a HTC branded Magic vs. Amazon's HTC Hero then $200 might be a lot just for a headphone jack so perhaps the Magic might be the more affordable phone. If you don't mind the jack problem then go ahead with the Magic.

    If you'd like to give a more detailed explanation about your current circumstances perhaps I'll be able to offer a more solid choice. For example: You're in the market for a new smartphone because..? How often do you change phones? Are you just curious about Android? Got any basic tech background? Are you working/studying?

    Sorry if you find the questions prying, I usually base my tech-advice around current sociological circumstances cause I don't want to give out the wrong recommendations.

  5. Hi

    I am not considering the Vodafone HTC Magic because its too expensive. I am looking at the parallel imported HTC Magic and HTC Hero. The HTC Magic is about $770 and the HTC Hero is about $1040. These prices are from pricespy. There is a difference of about $250 which is quite a lot.

    I am a software developer just looking to upgrade my phone and the Android phone appeals to me because of its overall design and usability. I thought about getting an iPhone, but its too expensive. But after watching lots of youtube videos, i think the android is better.

    I want a smart phone because i have never owned one before and would like the experience of using a smartphone and understanding the benefits to me. But because its my first time and there are so many choices I dont know what to get.

    The music side of a smartphone is not that important to me because I have a old iPod video which is fine. As long as the music is easy to put on the phone and play, im sweet.

    Since a smartphone is quite a big investment, I want to find out beforehand how good the phone actually is.

    Quick question. When you take photos or videos on the phone, is it easy to copy them to a computer and vice versa. I mean putting songs on the phone.

    I really appreciate you taking time out to give me advice regarding this matter.


  6. Hey again Mehul,

    Since you have an mp3 player don't worry about the headphone jack then. Based on the information you've given the Magic would be a great introduction to the world of Android and if you ever get bored with it you could always root it and install a custom made ROM as it'll be easy as 3.142 (heh, geek humor) considering you're a software developer and all.

    Transferring music and photos are simple, everything is stored in a microSD card. You could post pics/videos directly from your phone online if you wanted, just need to download the correct applications found in the Market.

    All I can suggest after getting the HTC Magic is looking for a good matt screen protector, ya wouldn't want to see finger smudges (or God forbid: scratches) on your new smartphone now.

    Hope ya enjoy the new gadget purchase!