Friday, June 5, 2009

E3 Highlights (the other stuff) Part 2

Star Wars: The Old Republic

for: PC
Why I like it: The previous Star Wars MMORPG rubbed people wrongly with it's archaic control scheme and overall *bleah* gameplay but the series might redeem itself since the people at Bioware (Mass Effect, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars: KOTOR) who are experts in all things role-playing are taking the project. Personally I don't do MMORPGs but anything that Bioware has created so far is good stuff so I might give this a second look. And speaking of milking franchises for all their worth...

LEGO: Rock Band

for: PC & PS3 & Xbox 360 & Wii
Why I like it: I don't. There's no reason why LEGO has to whore itself off to every franchise that moves. Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Batman and the recently announced Harry Potter all have LEGO video game versions which are decent but having it on Rock Band doesn't make any sense. Is there a LEGO genre of music that I'm ignorant to? I don't even like the normal characters in Rock Band (would rather see the music video of the song I'm playing in the background), so what would be different when you replace an 80s rocker with over-processed hair with a 80s mini-fig with over-processed hair? This gets mentioned here cause I do really want someone to explain this phenomenon to me. 

Assassin's Creed 2 

for: PC & PS3 & Xbox 360
Why I like it: While I found the first game to be repetitive and couldn't wait to finish it, I nonetheless appreciated its plot and was keen to see how Ubisoft's new series might take off. This sequel is set in a later era (the Renascence) than the previous game and sets you up as an assassin-in-training in order to take revenge on someone or another. To help you out you've got the world famous artist/inventor Leonardo Da Vinci providing you with his inventions to aid you in your search for vengeance so that is a plus point in my book. The game is out November 17th (US).


for PSP
Why I like it:It's an argumented reality game for the PSP that allows you to collect monsters in your own surroundings. The game comes with a PSP camera which you use to "search" for monsters around you. Once they appear on the screen you'll be given prompts to try and catch the aforementioned monsters such as blowing into the mic or using a special disc to slap them so they'll be stunned. There are over 100 to collect, grow and fight with and different species appear only in certain conditions so that's a perfect excuse to go out and get some on that sun. Like all Digimon copies many might be put off by the kiddy game but it looks pretty decent and I just might fork over my hard-earned cash to play with the invisible monsters that roam my room. I always knew that they were there!


  1. whats argumented?


  2. Uhm.. it's like enhanced. See the trailer and you'll get a better understanding.