Tuesday, June 9, 2009

WWDC updates live! (well almost)

By Benedict Wee

As expected, the new iphone was announced today at the WWDC. Here is the rundown of the new features:
  • It's called iPhone 3GS, S is for Speed
  • Launching applications is faster
  • Supports 7.2 Mbps HSDPA (faster 3G)
  • Camera is 3MP auto focus along with auto macro, auto white balance and auto exposure and low light sensitivity improved
  • Video capture: 30fps VGA with audio. You can trim the video on the iPhone as well.
  • Voice control: Call people by using voice, control iPod playback
  • Built-in digital compass
  • VoiceOver support
  • Nike+ support
  • Improved battery life (Wifi: 9hrs, Video: 10hrs, Audio: 30hrs, Talk: 12 hrs)
  • 16GB for US$199, 32GB for US$299. Prices are for AT&T customers in the US
  • iPhone 3G will still be sold, 8GB version for US$99
  • Available June 19th (US), July for New Zealand
Also announced are

Update 3.0 for iPhones and to a certain extent, iPod Touches
  • Cut, Copy and Paste works with all applications
  • Undo support
  • Landscape Keyboard in email, notes and messages
  • MMS for iPhones (later this year. WHAT?!? Why so slow?!?)
  • Spotlight: Search across your phone
  • iTunes allows the rental and purchase of videos from the iPhone
  • Parental Controls
  • Tethering: Share your iPhone internet connection with a PC, Mac over USB or Bluetooth
  • HTTP streaming for audio and video quality adjusted to connection speed
  • Auto-fill in Contact Information
  • 30 language support including Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Greek with landscape keyboards
  • Find My iPhone feature: Only for MobileMe customers. Shows you on the map where your phone is. Message your iPhone. People can pick up your phone and call the number you specify.
  • Remote wipe command: Erase all of your data from a PC/Mac. Data is restored once your phone is returned by synching iTunes
  • Peer to Peer support for multiplayer gaming
  • Accessory support
  • Google maps can be put into any application
  • Free for all iPhones, US$9.95 for iPod Touch
  • Available June 17
The 15" Macbook Pro
  • Built-in (unremovable) battery
  • 40% more battery life (7 hours)
  • Battery will last 5 years
  • SD Card slot
  • Up to 3.6 GHz Dual Core Level 2 Cache
  • Up to 8GB of memory
  • US$1699 lowest configuration, US$1999 second, US$2299 highest
The 13" Macbook
  • SD Card slot
  • 40% more battery life (7 hours)
  • Battery will last 5 years
  • Up to 8GB of memory
  • US$1199 lowest configuration, US$1499 highest
  • Difference between them is one has 160GB HDD and another 250GB HDD
  • FireWire 800 (a returned feature, not new)
  • It's now called the Macbook Pro

Macbook Air
  • US$1499 lowest configuration, US$1799 highest
  • Difference between them is one has 120GB HDD and another 128GB SSD
Snow Leopard OSX
  • Exchange support built into Mail, iCal and Address Book
  • Exchange support is free, requires Exchange Server 2007
  • Expose built into the Dock
  • 3D rendering for the Dock
  • Recovers 6GB of storage space after installing
  • Spell out Chinese characters using trackpad
  • Safari faster than any browser on any platform (4.78x than IE8)
  • Safari Full History search allows you to Cover Flow though your browser history
  • Crash resistance feature
  • Quicktime 10 with ColorSync, HTTP streaming and Hardware acceleration
  • Edit and convert videos directly from Quicktime to export to various devices (i.e. iPod Touch, iPhone)
  • New Magnifier blows up thumbnails within Finder
  • Snow Leopard costs US$29 for all Leopard users!!!
  • Available this September

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