Monday, June 15, 2009

HTC Magic un-delayed?

By Benedict Wee

Tech blogger Ben has received an invite for the HTC Magic launch party on the 24th of June. So the word "launch" in launch party should be the day the Android mobile is released yeah? I've got some theories:
  • It is not really a launch, more of a preview so Vodafone can wave the phone in front of the media to get them hyped up thus making it more of a "tease party" which is pretty cruel to those who have been anticipating the mobile.
  • It is a launch party but only for a select few so only certain people will be able to get the phone early. Maybe this has something to do with the pre-registration
  • It is the actual launch date and all of NZ can rejoice because they won't be Android deprived any longer!
Personally I hope it's the latter but chances of the first two are more likely. This doesn't really matter for those who really wanted the Magic cause they probably found another way to to purchase the phones. Still it would be nice to see Vodafone getting their act together and giving us an actual launch date so the other Kiwis can wait in anticipation. 

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