Friday, June 5, 2009

Rumor: new iphone in July with 3D graphics chip, better bluetooth, faster network

By Benedict Wee 

Kotaku's sources have revealed that the new iphone will have an integrated 3D graphics chip which will allow game developers to make better looking games for the mobile. They've also said that Apple is now hiring in-house game developers. Looks like they've taken note of the popularity of games on their potable OS, though there's no word if the future ipod touches will have the same chip but they most probably will. 

In addition, the sources have revealed that the new iphone will have better Bluetooth support which will allow 3rd party developers to make peripherals for the mobile like keyboards and game controllers. Also, the new iphone is said to run on a higher-speed network which AT&T (a telco and exclusive distributor of the iphone in the US) is currently working on. 

So are our networks compatible with the new iphone? Telecom XT did mention that they were interested in the iphone so did they know about this already? 

The new iphone has a rumored release date of July 17th along with the new firmware upgrade for current iphones.  


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