Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone 3.0 Update is out. MMS, tethering are go.

By Benedict Wee

Apple has released its annual firmware update today and all iPhone users can download it for free via iTunes. The update contains the following features:
  • Cut, Copy and Paste which works with all applications
  • Undo support
  • Landscape Keyboard in email, notes and messages
  • Spotlight: Search across your phone
  • Rent and purchase videos from the iPhone via iTunes
  • Parental Controls
  • HTTP streaming for audio and video quality adjusted to connection speed
  • Auto-fill in Contact Information
  • 30 language support including Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Greek with landscape keyboards
  • Find My iPhone feature: Only for MobileMe customers. Shows you on the map where your phone is. Message your iPhone. People can pick up your phone and call the number you specify. 
  • Remote wipe command: Erase all of your data from a PC/Mac. Data is restored once your phone is returned by synching iTunes.
  • Peer to Peer support for multiplayer gaming.
  • Accessory support.
  • Google maps can be put into any application.
More importantly, firmware 3.0 allows you to send MMS messages as well as providing tethering (Share your iPhone internet connection with a PC, Mac over USB or Bluetooth). Bear in mind that you've got to reset your iPhone first before the settings take place. iPod Touches get the update too though features are confined to non-phone functions and you'll have to pay US$9.95.

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