Friday, June 5, 2009

E3 Highlights (the other stuff) Part 1

So we've seen pretty exciting stuff from the big 3 console makers in their respective conferences, although they've mostly talked about the games and peripherals that are exclusive to their system. So what about the rest? Here's a quick highlights rundown of the other games that you should look forward to. 

for: Nintendo Wii

Why I like it: It's a side-scrolling beat-em-up published by Ignition Entertainment exclusively for the Wii and it's graphics are gorgeous!!   Seriously, its art style is so well done you get entranced looking at it (which in hindsight might be bad cause you won't notice the bad guys beating up on you). It's like playing a video game in a painting which reminds me of the similarly beautiful Odin Sphere by Vanillaware on the PS2. Give the trailer a look. 

for: Arcade

Why I like it: People who did not get the chance to play the PS3 version of the game (Metal Gear Online) can now pop on by to their local arcade to see what's this popular series is all about. It's a good call on Konami's part because it does help break the "looks pretty difficult and only for hardcore gamers" barrier which means you can bring down a couple of mates and enjoy the game together. 

for: PSP

Why I like it: I've always been a fan of the Soulcalibur series and squeezing it onto the handheld makes it easier to bring on trips. Plus the game follows its tradition of adding extra characters into its titles and this time we get Kratos from God of War! That is pretty cool. 

for: Ps3 & Xbox 360

Why I like it: I don't like it, I love it. Ever since the critically acclaimed Symphony of the Night for the PS1, I've been following this series faithfully (except the abomination; Judgement for the Wii). This time however its designer (and the dude responsible for making the game famous) Koji Igarashi has passed the baton to Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima to take the franchise into current generation territory which is something to look forward to. My primary concern is that 3D Castlevanias have never sat well with gamers (Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness for the PS2 being perfect examples) so I'm hoping this third time's a charm. Also, Patrick Steward is voicing it so having Professor X's in any game is cool. Take a look at the trailer

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