Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things to do with your Android phone #001: Get Layar

By Benedict Wee

We're having a slow news week. Now that we know how much Vodafone is charging for the HTC Magic, all eyes are poised at the iPhone 3GS (which the American's have gotten over the weekend, lucky bastards) and speculation of its price and release date.

Speaking of a release date, Vodafone's Magic still doesn't have one though a small number of Kiwis have gotten their hands on the mobile either by importers or Vodafone's treasure hunt which happened over the weekend. There is a party being held in Auckland tomorrow; The Vodafone Black and White Magic Party to preview the phone or something so hopefully we'll have a date then.

Meanwhile, those (few) who already have an Android smartphone should take a look at Layar, an augmented reality application that combines your GPS, camera and compass to identify your surroundings and provide an overlaid commentary on the screen. This would be really useful for tourists who want to holiday without a guide, real estate agents who want to showcase homes and the surroundings and people who just generally want to know about everything that surrounds them. The application is currently available only in Netherlands but as more information layers are created internationally expect the application to hit our islands soon.

Source: Layar

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