Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How much will the 8GB iPhone 3G cost in NZ?

By Benedict Wee

So we all know that the 8GB iphone 3G has not been phased out and will get a price drop to US$99 for AT&T customers in the US. But how much will it cost here?

We can't get a definite price of course as the US$99 model comes with a 2 year contract with it's different combinations of calls, text and data so I'll be making a very general estimation here.

The 8GB iphone 3G from Vodafone NZ currently costs NZ$979 without a plan while
it used to cost US$199 for the same phone in the US with a contract. So using my powers of (flawed) theoretical maths:


NZ$487. That's how much it should cost. I think...
Anyone can provide a better calculation? 

Update: I'm also factoring variables like tempting new followers, the recession and a completely different contract plan subsidy for the new low price. I feel the iPhone 3G could be the Macbook to the 3GS's Macbook Pro. 

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