Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Price Check: PSP Go

By Benedict Wee

So how much is Sony's new portable going to be? There isn't a confirmed price yet for us but let's see how much the rest of the world is paying: 

United States USD$249 about NZD$383.14
Europe             Euro 249 about NZD$546.17
Japan               Yen 26800 about NZD$428.79

The price point is pretty high considering a core set in the US is USD$169 (NZD$260.04).

And if you consider how much we pay (NZD$329) for our core set, that's almost 26.5% increase which means we might see the handheld at around NZD$485 when it reaches our shores.

That might be too high to pay for the new PSP considering that the 2000 & 3000 models have the same functionality and you can buy cheap Memory Sticks out there. 

(Exchange rates are based on Yahoo! Finance figures and are approximated)


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