Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Telecom: worst prepaid add on plans ever

By Benedict Wee

Telecom launched their XT network last friday, the 29th of May and because of they do not pro-rata their add-ons (texts and data) many prepaid customers have had said add-ons expire on June the 1st. 

Telecom's head of PR and Sponsorship; Nick Brown has said that people who pay for extras at the end of the month would be at a disadvantage and this only applies to prepaid customers but it does not affect voice top-ups. He also added that those affected by this incident will be credited for any extras they purchased between the 29th-31st of May and that purchasing the extras will be pro-rata starting from now on. 

Still, what kinda asinine plan is that in the first place? Who's got the time to wait till the beginning of the month to top-up their extras? 


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