Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HTC Magic now available for Pre-registration on Vodafone

By Benedict Wee

Vodafone's long awaited iPhone competitor; the HTC Magic is available for Pre-registration on their website. You'll get a pre-registration offer when you register though they did not specify what the offer was nor when will the phone be available but I guess they'll update you with news when it is available so I've signed up even though I'm expecting my imported Magic to arrive later this week.  If you're interested in an alternative smartphone without all the pretentiousness of Apple give the phone a look.

By iPhone competitor I meant Google's android operating system against the iPhone's. Not the actual phones themselves (even though the Magic is better in that department too). The android OS will be available on other mobile developer's smartphones (i.e Samsung, LG, Sony etc.) in the near future as well so if you don't like the look of the HTC model you can wait for the other companies to launch theirs. More info here

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