Thursday, June 11, 2009

iPhone 3GS: Faster, better looking graphics and will have games that the iPhone 3G can't play

By Benedict Wee

Those people who are thinking of purchasing the cheaper 8GB iPhone 3G might want to think twice if they're planning on playing games on their mobiles. AppleInsider has found out that the new iPhone 3GS will have a more powerful 3D chip that will allow an improved experience of games and applications. 

In addition, the guys at Gizmodo have uncovered the new iPhone 3GS's hardware configuration; a 600 MHz CPU and 256MB of RAM. This is a significant improvement to the 3G model's 412MHz CPU and 128MB RAM. 

The new chip will complement the new hardware upgrade which means faster rendering of graphics, a better frame rate and more detailed lighting. 

To explain things in a simpler way, the new iPhone will be able to run better looking games and applications. This means that developers will have the opportunity to create games with more depth that look pretty and because they are using an improved version of the program (OpenGL ES 2.0), it means that all previous generation iPhones and iPod Touches won't be able to run the aforementioned new games and applications. Also, developers might be able to create location-based games with the addition of the digital compass on the iPhone 3GS. 

This change won't happen immediately of course as there are many out there with previous generation iPhones and iPod Touches and developers will still want that share of the market but it will happen somewhere in the near future so signing up for a 24 months contract to get the 8GB iPhone 3G might not be the best of ideas. 

My advice is to get it without signing up for a contract but before all that we'll have to see if NZ gets the price drop first. 

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