Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PSP Go's battery worse than PSP 3000, mystifies everyone.

By Benedict Wee

When Sony's first portable gaming system was released way back I chided the handheld for choosing to use discs instead of carts as they were noisy when running and because they took a considerable effort to read (they used lasers), the battery life was short (3-6 hours) and thus not very portable-friendly. 

Jump to a couple of years later when the 2000 model (aka Slim and Lite) was released and we find that the new battery gave the same amount as its predecessor, however if you used the old PSP battery (which would give a slight bulge to the back of the gadget) you would get 8-10 hours of playtime while the Sony stamina battery would give over 10 hours which made it a decent competitor to the DS lite. 

Last year's introduction of the PSP 3000 gave us a slightly longer battery life (4-6 hours) which was pretty alright. 

It would be logical to think that the PSP Go would have an improved battery life because games would run from the 16GB hard drive instead of using UMDs. Unfortunately Sony is beyond petty things like logic. Siliconera has found out that the newly announced portable will have the old PSP's 3-6 hours of battery life. Bear in mind we might be paying $485 for this new handheld and combine that with the fact that it has the same functions the older models posses and you'll get one more reason why you shouldn't be buying this gadget. 

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