Sunday, July 5, 2009

2degrees campaigns gets me excited

By Benedict Wee

2degrees has started their campaign to free us Kiwis from the tyranny of the other two telcos. The first move; offering a free SIM card with $5 credit in their "Great New Zealand Chinwag" campaign. You can sign up for the free SIM (which will be sent out around the launch date in August) here.

What they did next was debut their pretty cool ad staring funny-man Rhys Darby. In it he talks about how we're only separated by two degrees instead of the usual six and pokes fun at the other telcos and their archaic pricing methods like being bound to a contract, getting confused at complexed plans and choosing who to put on a special list for unlimited calls (an obvious jab at Vodafone's Best Friends plan) before ending with him explaining that the more people sign up, the more savings everyone makes. It beats watching Telecom's avant garde ads with Richard Hammond (what does a boat have to do with texting?) any day. Check the video out:

From what I can gather from the ad, it looks like 2degrees might introduce a fixed price for calls/texts to any telco and possibly scrap mobile handset subsides (as they usually come with contracts). It doesn't sound very attractive at the moment but they've just started their opening salvo and the free SIM card campaign is a step in the right direction. I for one am pretty excited about how they plan on competing with the other two telcos.

You can take a look at their webpage here and join their facebook page here.

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