Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vodafone announces cheapest mobile plan ever!.. in New Zealand

By Benedict Wee

Hot on the heels of the 2degrees launch details, Vodafone (in an obvious attempt to steal some thunder) has announced their cheapest mobile on-account plan for Kiwis. The plan will cost $18.95 and comes with the following:
  • 20 minutes of anytime talk time
  • 60 minutes of calls between 'Friday 7pm - Monday 7am' or '7pm -7am'
  • 40 Texts
  • 10 Pxts
You also get 100MB of data for the first three months if you sign up before the 12th of October.

Confusing? Yes I know. Who on earth is going to make a point to note down how many minutes they use anyway? Here's a approximate rundown of what you could get in a 30 day month for around $20:
  • 60 minutes to be spent only in the 18 days of weekends and evenings in the month
  • That's 3.3 minutes a day
  • 20 minutes to be spent in the 12 left or 1.6 minutes a day
  • 1.3 Texts a day
  • 0.33 Pxts a day
Yeah thanks Vodafone, I'll wait to see what 2degrees has to offer first.

Full press release here.

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