Thursday, July 23, 2009

HTC To Make Half Of Its Phones Run Android Next Year (Update)

By Benedict Wee

The manufacturers of the HTC Dream, Magic and Hero has announced that 50% of its phones that they will release next year will run Goggle's Android, compared to this years 30%. This report follows the rumors and pictures of their supposed next Android phone -the HTC Click- as reported by french website; PointGPhone.

Not much is known about the mobile except it resembles his older siblings in button placement but the characteristic chin is absent.

What's more interesting is HTCs announcement means that they're not very confident of Windows Mobile 6.5, due to launch in a couple of months. Seeing as they only produce smartphones, it'll mean the other half of their 2010 line will run Microsofts new mobile operating system. It would be wise for Microsoft to pick up the pace and release the OS soon before everyone forgets about them.

Update: Here's another (clearer) photo of the HTC Click found on Engadget. This phone is also rumored to be at the lower-end of the HTC lineup with a cheaper price tag.


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