Monday, July 20, 2009

Video Game Preview - The Four Warriors of Light, A Final Fantasy Anecdote: My First RPG

By Benedict Wee

The Four Warriors of Light: A Final Fantasy Anecdote (FWoLaFFA) is the latest role-playing video game announced for the Nintendo DS by Japanese developers Square-Enix, known for their famous franchises; Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

Though the Four Warriors of Light are in reference to the four characters in the first Final Fantasy game released way back in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, this game does not seem to be a remake of the original. Rather, it takes the concepts of the first game to recreate a new experience designed to introduce new gamers to the role-playing genre.

Concepts like a turn-based battle system, job classes (i.e. Swordsman, Mage and Thief) and a cliched storyline (saving the princess) are designed in a way that won't confuse the inexperienced. It's sorta like the "My First ..." brands you get for books and toys, cept it's made for those who have not played an RPG before because they might find the complexity of such games such as World of Warcraft and the Final Fantasy series daunting.

The graphics are beautifully created, which is to be expected of Square-Enix game.

FWoLaFFA hits Japan in the Fall with an estimated holiday release date for the US. Those who always wanted to try an RPG should make a note of it.


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