Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Get Android on your PC !!

By Benedict Wee

Ever wondered if Android is an easy to use interface like everyone said it was?
Ever thought of giving it a try but no one you know has an Android capable phone and you don't want to spend $1099 on a crippled Magic?

Well think/wonder no more!

The guys over at live-android have created a LiveCD disc image of Google's mobile OS which allows you to run Android from a PC without the need to install it. Just burn the image to a disc and reboot your computer and you'll be able to experience Android without any danger of affecting your files on your PC. And if you have VirtualBox or Microsoft Virtual PC you can run it using those programs without needing to reboot your computer.

It's a pretty easy to run and you'll get to experience Android without buying a smartphone.

You can find their site here.

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