Tuesday, July 14, 2009

iPhone Battle! Telecom vs. Vodafone

By Benedict Wee

Telecom has announced a special offer for iPhone 3G/3GS owners which might lure Vodafone customers into ending their contracts with the telco.

Bring your iPhone 3G/3GS to a Telecom store and sign up for a One Rate 180 plan (or higher) and get $600 account credit and 240MB of data every month for 24 months.

If you compare both the plans you get -

Telecom One Rate 180: $80/month for 180 minutes, 0 texts, 240MB data, $600 credit

instead of -

Vodafone iPhone $80: $80/month for 120 minutes, 600 texts, 250MB data. But that's not including the $600 (depending on which plan you signed up for, am using the $80 one) you will have to pay to end the contract if you just signed up for the plan which pretty much offsets the credit Telecom is offering.

Also, Vodafone is offering a one-shot 3GB data and 1000 PXTs till September for those who've signed up for iPhone plans. It's not much considering it's ending so bloody early but it's still something.

All in all it doesn't make much sense to switch to Telecom value-wise if you've just bought an iPhone with a plan because you'll still have to fork out extra for texts every month and there are extra hidden costs like paying for a sim card. Those who will want to switch might just want to stick it to "The Man" by, you know, singing up to the other "The Man".


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