Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Microsoft Accepting Windows Mobile Applications Submissions Now. Contest Details.. Detailed

By Benedict Wee

Microsoft is now accepting submission ideas for their Windows Mobile Marketplace due to hit smartphones (along with Windows Mobile 6.5) in the Spring (NZ).

To mark this occasion they've set up a Race To The Market Challenge competition where you can win fame and fortune (and more importantly a Microsoft Surface!). All you need to do is register as a developer and upload your app, game or widget and if it becomes popular based on their criteria, you'll win. Applications will be judged on the:
  • Most downloads of a free app
  • Most valuable app (downloads x price)
  • Most useful (judged by Microsoft)
  • and Most playful (judged by Microsoft)
The contest runs from now till New Year's Eve.

Microsoft seems to have a very fair policy in place when it comes to their new Marketplace. Submissions are done in a First In, First Out fashion so no one gets priority and they have an expected 10 business days waiting period for certification with the option of being able to check on your application throughout the process though their Developer Dashboard.

If the application does not get approved Microsoft promises to give a fully detailed report explaining the situation based on the tests and and checks given to the developer beforehand. This will provide a more approachable and open exchange compared to a certain rival company's draconian screening process *choughapplechough*.

Let's hope that our creative Kiwis can contribute something to the contest and do our country proud.

Windows Mobile Blog - The Race To The Market

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