Monday, July 20, 2009

Nokia News Roundup - New Alphabet Series Despite Bad 2nd Quarter

By Benedict Wee

The Wall Street Journal reported last week that the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer has announced a 66% net-profit drop in their second quarter in comparison to last year's figures. Nokia's net profit was EUR 380 million for the 3 months leading to the end of June, drastically lower than the previous year's 1.10 billion.

Of course a major factor contributing to the huge drop is because of the crap economy but you can't help but to think that the age of the feature-filled and easy-to-use smartphones like the iPhone, Palm Pre and Android running mobiles do play a big part in the taking away consumers from the Finnish phone maker.

But that's not stopping them however as two trademarks have been spotted by different sources on Gizmodo. The two trademarked names are called "C-Series" and "X-Series" but there is no indication on what these phones will look like or feature as they're only trademark filings made without any hardware patents.

Would be nice if one of the new series named ran Android because the UI they're currently using right now (Symbian) is pretty archaic and all-round awful to use.

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