Friday, July 10, 2009

Nokia announces its rugged phone: the 3720 Classic

By Benedict Wee

Being a pretty outdoorsy kind of nation that we are, a handful of us have jobs/hobbies that require us to brave mother nature's elements like water, dirt and sand. This of course doesn't allow one to bring one's mobile around with them but Nokia has announced their first rugged phone which might provide a solution to the problem.

The 3720 Classic features a sealed and leak-proof design to protect against dust, sand, water and mud from entering and is made of durable materials which makes it a long-lasting and reliable mobile for those people working in harsh environments. It can even survive a golf swing and being kicked by a rugby boot in the rain!

The other cool thing is that its standard mobile features aren't compromised. It has a long lasting battery, 2MP camera with flash, LED flashlight, 2.2" display and comes with Nokia Maps installed in a 1GB micro SD card.

All in all, it beats Vodafone's XP1 rugged phone with its extra features and it is considerably cheaper at 125 Euros (approx NZ$278.19) compared to the XP1's NZ$599 price tag.



  1. Great job on the tech blog! I think its professional with lots of original opinions and thoughts. You would get a following if you only knew how to market your page! (not that I do). Ivan Teng

  2. Thank you! :) Always good to have a fan.

  3. yea but couldnt you use anything besides a stock template?? you need an original design for your title, with a logo or something perhaps. IT

  4. Yeah probably. Was busy doing something else that day, rushed this mini-post cause it didn't have anything to do with NZ yet. Just wanted to let people know what's available out there.