Friday, July 10, 2009

Android News Roundup - Accessories For Your Magic, Headphone Jacks For All Future HTC Phones, Sony Ericsson's Android Phone/UI

By Benedict Wee

Righto, thought I'd clump 3 Android related news today cause they're either not directly related to us or it'll be awhile before they are.

First up, the US launch of the HTC Magic (perversely renamed "myTouch 3G") will come with a slew of accessories, custom shells and pretty cool skins to personalize and enhance your Android experience. Accessories to take note of are the battery extender and docking station. Would be great if Vodafone brought these down to our shores.

The second piece of news is that all future HTC handsets will come with a standard headphone jack starting from iPhone 3GS competitor; the HTC Hero. Dammit, I wish they would've made that decision earlier when they made the Magic.

The last piece of news might delight Sony lovers. Sony Ericsson's Android interface will be custom made like the HTC Hero's. The "Rachael" UI has a similar color scheme to Sony's computers running Windows, sporting a blue-ish wave background. What is very cool is the contact's image appears in everything that might relate to him/her from emails to calls and texts. Along with the UI they've released images of what might be their first Android handset, branded under the Xeperia name.

Sources: Gizmodo

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