Saturday, July 25, 2009

Apple Tablet Due Next Year

By Benedict Wee

Credible sources from the Apple camp have commented that the long rumored Apple Tablet will be hitting the market in the 1st quarter of next year. The tablet is said to be 10 inches and shaped like a jumbo iPod Touch and more interestingly, support a 3G connection. This would mean that that telcos could also be selling the tablet with a subsidy when singing up for a mobile broadband plan.

The Apple Tablet rumor has been wafting around the internet for as long as 2 years. The reason it took so long for the device to actually reach its final form might be due to big-boss Steve Jobs' perfectionism towards Apple products, causing the project to be restarted over and over when it did not meet his expectations. This is reflected in their current line of devices which have been mostly met with positive reviews.

The price of the tablet is said to be somewhere in between that of a high-end iPhone (US$599/NZ$913.18), and their most affordable MacBook Pro (US$999/NZ$1522.98). There is speculation that the tablet might also be named "MacBook" as all current Apple notebooks are now named under the "MacBook Pro" line.

The launch of the Apple Tablet might provide an alternative (and perhaps better valued) choice to its line of portable gadgets available to Kiwis as the current high-end iPhone sold by Vodafone - the 32GB iPhone 3GS- currently retails for NZ$1379.

Forex: US$1 = NZ$1.52


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