Friday, July 24, 2009

iPod Cases Are Legion, For They Are Many

By Benedict Wee

How do you confirm a rumor about a yet-to-be announced gadget?

Look to China for cases of said gadget. The more similar the cases, the more the rumors are true.

Cult of Mac, the tech website for all things Apple has photos of bazillions (not really, but it is a lot) of ipod cases for the new Touch and Nano due to be announced in September with camera holes in them.

As previously speculated, the Touch's camera will be situated in the top-middle of the player which will differentiate it from the iPhone 3GS which has theirs on the top-corner.

The camera on the Nano is put in a slightly different place however. Located on the bottom left, the iPod will need to be rotated horizontally so it'll resemble a digital camera. Makes sense as the Nano's display would turn into a widescreen when turned on its side.

The case industry is a thriving one in China and it's not only for media players. Handhelds like the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP, all manner of mobile phones, digital cameras and even notebooks have their own cases. They range from cheap silicone and acrylic ones to the more up-market brands like Griffin and Case-mate.

The badly-kept secret of the iPod cameras is due primarily to the China case manufactures getting the specs of the new media players early. This is because consumers are more likely to buy the cases along with the iPods rather than a couple of months later which is what would happen if the case manufacturers got the details as the announcements were made.

In keeping with the Apple pricing structure, expect the cost of the iPod Touch/Nano to remain the same (NZ$249-NZ$659) while the storage space doubles and the new features are added.


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